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Consulting Services “Empowering small business to fix previously failed online marketing attempts with video.” With 21 years experience in direct sales and marketing Anthony has always had his eye on easier SMARTER ways to generate a sale. Learning how to generate interest in a product or service is the MOST important skill that Anthony brings to the table because business doesn’t get done until a sale is made.

Teaching groups of people how to use Google more efficiently is my calling. When I worked for a large agency I was shocked and in disbelief over all of the amazing tools that Google provides for free. The irony is that agents are only interested in managing large clients which leaves small businesses all alone left to learn through trial and error. 50% of all fortune 500 companies use the universal Google account tools for all of their internal and external communication and cloud storage. Everyone has access to these tools and very few people teach small business. Anthony is that teacher.
 YouTube Videos

Ask anyone, YouTube videos capture the attention of people across the country! A well designed and well targeted video campaign used in conjunction with your Analytics and AdWords can generate amazintg traffic to your web site .


The process for creating a CONSULTING with Anthony includes a free 30 minute telephone call which leads to a priority list of items that you deem most important. Anthony structures a roll out strategy and incorporates all of your existing strengths to execute activities that will generate the most impact 1st. Once this “rock of return” is producing predicable lead generation he works with you to finalize the online automated sales process so that you can take steps towards business maturity and the ability to remove yourself from the sales process completely.

SPEAKING is a passion of Anthony’s and has found initial success in delivering his 30 – 90 minute talk entitled “GOOGLE MADE EASY” where he presents a live demonstration of how to rank on Google in 30 minutes or less!

How to apply the free tools that Google gives us to increase membership and attendance for your club or business.

89% of people today use the Google search engine to solve their daily problems. Learn Google From a certified Google Partner.

Audiences tell Anthony that “this is the information I have been
looking for!” and “you filled a black hole for me.”

Is taking on a whole new dimension with YouTube Video Ads. Now is the best time to get ahead of your competition and learning how to utilize this new method of driving traffic to your web site. Hundreds maybe thousands of people are looking for what you offer right now. Getting found on the 1st page of Google is now a necessity. To grow your business online, you need to be found. 81 Media is a Certified Google Partner and can deliver digital advertising services. We provide accountability, transparency and improved performance month over month with regular face to face meetings.
YouTube Video Ads are the fertile ground of the new digital advertising world.

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Anthony offers a 1/2 hour complimentary digital overview and analysis session.

Contact Anthony to get started.  (303) 994-8612