Corporate Profile and Sales Video Production

“Corporate Identity Videos” have a wide range of applications. Our corporate clients use these videos for company overview, corporate orientation, product promotion, and job training, to name a few.

Many corporate profile videos are placed directly on the home page of the client’s website to showcase their products and services in more exciting and interesting visual presentation.

Check out this main page video we did for Air Methods.

Other clients use our video projects to introduce customers to the details of their market share and industry presence.

Check out this project we did for Rio Tinto Minerals through their Media Consulting vendor – Resource Initiatives.

We have produced compelling product sales videos for the home builder market, particularly for new model home sales.

Check out this project we did for Shea Homes, Colorado

Capital Campaign videos can be a very effective persuasion tool in captivating interest and action towards your fundraising activity.

Check out this project we did for

US Corporate Wellness wanted to create a video to educate potential customers on a more contemporary approach to corporate wellness.

Check out this video we produced for US Corporate Wellness.

Exercise videos are always in style.

Check out this series of very successful exercise videos we did for Oxycise International.

Denver Water retained our production services for over 10 years. In that time we produced several company training programs, a corporate orientation video, and a detailed history of the company for community outreach purposes.



It begins with an interesting and engaging concept. Of course, every project has specific goals, expectations, and desired outcomes. It’s the combining of both ‘objectives’ and ‘concept’ that paves the way for a compelling video project.

This process begins with pre-production meetings, scriptwriting, and final script approval. Once the objectives and creative concept are nicely packaged, we move to a well organized shot list, outlining each day of location production.

Location production typically includes a 2 to 3 person video crew using an HD camera, wireless sound and soft lights. Some productions are well suited for our 12′ to 16′ foot “jib cam”. Other productions are more suited for smaller camera accessories like our broadcast quality Go Pro camera, which is ideal for time lapse!

Thanks to HD digital technology, we can now step in to the video editing phase of this project with complete confidence in film-like quality images! It’s now that our story begins to take shape. Here, we begin with the recorded narration and begin to assemble our first cut of this video project, complete with music, text, and animated video graphics. Clients can elect to participate in this 1st cut or wait until the “1st cut viewing”.

Following our “1st cut viewing”, we make necessary edits, changes, etc, and present the “2nd cut” for client approval.

In some cases, the 2nd cut, following minor changes, become the final cut. In other cases, we’ll move on to a 3rd cut, then final cut.

DVD and video streaming then become the delivery method.



We also contract with Comcast Television Studios to provide the latest video production in TV staging, sets and stage lighting. Studio space includes up to 5 cameras, teleprompters, camera booms and enough space to accommodate 100 audience members.


Our in-house professional video narrator is currently the voice of Rocky Mountain PBS. His vocal style has a baritone resonance like that of James Earl Jones. In addition, 81 Media International also features a variety of other voice talent to suit a range of professional video production styles such as commercial, documentary…